How I can contribute to this campaign?

Just go to the Donate portion of our website and fill out the contact form. Someone from our team will contact you by email with instructions about ordering and payment options. The more Immunity Boxes you purchase faster we will be able to collect enough meals that can be distributed to the frontline facility.

How can I pay?

At this moment, you can make a donation with a wire transfer to our bank account only but we are working hard to add more payment options soon.

Can I earmark my donations to the specific hospital?

Right now we only have a way to offer you to choose the amount of meal you are ready to pay for and can't earmark donations for a specific health facility.

Will I get the receipt?

A donation receipt will be sent to you by email.

How do you select the hospital to partner with?

We source the hospitals and other health facilities in various ways - in some cases, prospective partners have reached out to us, we may have local team members that have connected with hospitals in the area, or we may even have friends and families working directly on the frontlines.

In some cases, hospitals may not be able to partner with us due to their internal policies or we might not be able to accommodate the number of meals needed.

If you have a hospital that we should explore partnering with, reach out to us at

What is in the box?

There is a salad, vegan or vegetarian meal, healthy snack, infused water and a bottle of our famous Immunity shot in each box.

How are the meals prepared and packaged?

All the new food and safety guidelines that the Food Authority released for the service industry are being followed in our facilities. All meals are individually packed and placed in a box so the risk of cross-contamination is avoided.

If you have more questions, please send them to and someone from our team will provide you with the answers.